“We are connected”. It is that simple when it comes to our network of quality relationships we have built over the years throughout the country. We know how important it is to have the right person for the right job. All Golf Course Superintendents are different and all golf courses are different. It is important to find the perfect marriage of staff and property to insure long term success. Too often we see Golf Course Superintendents hired that are not the perfect fit, but they try to make it work because “the resume looked good”. GMS helps golf courses identify very specific needs and personality traits that insure a perfect match for golf course and key course maintenance personnel. We have actively worked with over 100 Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents in career development and job placement. Let GMS help you find the perfect fit for your club.

GMS also provides golf course property coverage services while you take your time to insure you get the perfect fit Superintendent at your property. We know the process is not always fast in making sure you get the right candidate and that as we search for the best Superintendent for your course, the course still has needs. GMS fills this gap and can provide professional guidance in the absence of key personnel in your maintenance operation. We are innovative in these services and easily integrate into any existing course maintenance program, insuring your course does not miss a step while transitioning between new hires. We are a company built by Superintendents and our ability to provide “boots on the ground” golf course property coverage has helped many golf courses keep continuity while searching for a new Superintendent.

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