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Golf Maintenance Solutions was founded as a golf course consulting company. The vast experience of our team is in constant demand to support golf course maintenance programs throughout the country. We know there are many “agronomists” and course maintenance consultants out there. GMS prides itself on being the most globally experienced team with a proven track record of being the Superintendent. We certainly incorporate science, new research and technology into our programs, this is done through our professional relationships with recognized turf professors and other key support. The GMS difference is our Superintendent backgrounds and “in the field” or more importantly “on the course” observations over the years. Other consultants may have good information from test plots and other field studies, but GMS has lived the real life experiences of what is happening on golf courses and how various programs / practices can help improve your facility. Whether meeting with a greens committee, working with a Superintendent to support innovation or just to walk through a property and discuss new solutions to old problems, GMS is there for you. Our rates and our services, combined with our incredible experience are a great asset for your club, your short term achievements and your long term goals.

Our golf course advisory and consulting services are detailed to meet your custom needs. Whether it be improved course conditioning, capital planning, equipment / fleet analysis, irrigation auditing / evaluation, improved efficiency opportunities or long range planning analysis, GMS is all things golf course maintenance.

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