Posted on: June 15th, 2018 by steve.s

As we hit mid-June we have spring behind us and course are in “full golf” mode in many markets.

This time of year is always important because it seems like we often go from wet to dry in the flick of a switch.  Turf grass and lawns will go from rapid spring growth due to moisture and moderate temperatures to much slower growth due to heat stress, increased traffic and the possible need of supplemental irrigation / hand watering.  Some key tips heading into this time of year as conditions often change quickly.


  • Use of wetting agents for localized dry spots and areas of poor irrigation coverage.
  • Turf Nutrition ….. We know excess nitrogen can promote turfgrass disease, however starving the plant is not a good practice (especially with more traffic and heat stress).
  • Moderate fertilizer applications every 14-28 days helps promote healthy turf in the summer.
  • Irrigation audits.  Hopefully you have gone through your irrigation systems and identified / repaired where needed.  While we have had timely rains and moisture in many parts of the country, it is critical your irrigation system is up and ready well in advance of when you need to consistently use it.


Trying to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature is difficult, but be prepared.


Hope all have a great season of healthy turf and plenty of Golf!


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