Posted on: April 9th, 2022 by steve.s
Could you use an extra superintendent for a few days?
We all have critical times throughout the year when we say to ourselves “It sure would be nice to have someone here to help for a few days”. A common example is when clubs are between superintendents. This is a crucial time when you could use an experienced superintendent to come to your property for a couple of weeks as you look to make your next hire. Other examples include golf courses ramping up as the season kicks off or gearing up for key events (tournaments, member-guest events, etc.). Properties with projects taking place that could use extra temporary help also benefit from added expertise in golf course maintenance. I know as a superintendent there were many times that I wished I could have had another superintendent lending me a hand for a few days.
GMS has a superintendent coverage / property assistance program that has helped courses across the country. We have a team of experienced superintendents who can help your course during key times. So if you are in between superintendents, looking for extra help for events, or even a golf course that may be short on labor and could use an extra hand, we can help!
The following article lists 7 benefits of hiring an interim executive manager. While this speaks more about executive management for a nonprofit organization, the concepts relate to how bringing on an interim golf course superintendent can be very beneficial. All 7 of these benefits are very good and I especially like benefit #5 in the article below! As you read the article, use the word “Superintendent” where you see the word “Executive” and you will really grasp how beneficial this service can be. Then call GMS to see how we can help!
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