Posted on: January 23rd, 2021 by steve.s
Building Your Team In 2021
Think back to Thanksgiving this past year. While the reality is that it was eight weeks ago, to me it seems like that time went by very quickly. So to put that into perspective, let’s look at where eight weeks from now puts us. According to my calendar that date will be March 19. For many in the golf industry that means golf season is kicking off (with cooperation from Mother Nature of course). The point is that the winter months will come to a close very quickly and we will be back into golf season.
Last week Dean at GMS wrote a nice piece on thie importance of leadership and traits of good leaders. It’s important to look at leadership and where it starts with your employees. It really starts with good hiring – great leaders hire great people. So while many may think the golf season is still a couple of months away, it will go by quickly and it’s important to start building your bench now to hire the best candidates possible.
This past year has definitely changed the labor pool and how we go about hiring which makes it even more important to have good hiring systems in place and to hire differently than we may have in the past. So now is the time! Start to build your recruiting plans for 2021 to ensure you have the best employees possible. The following article has some quick tips on hiring.
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