Posted on: February 22nd, 2021 by steve.s
The Importance of Employee Uniforms
While it may not feel like it this week, winter is coming to an end. By now most golf courses have budgets in place and have started planning how they will ramp up hiring in the near future. We know hiring good employees is the foundation of any successful golf course operation and it won’t be long until the employee parking lot starts to fill up.
As you start to bring on employees and plan their orientation, make sure you have plenty of uniforms on hand and proper sizes for your employees. While it’s not possible to predict uniform sizes for employees, have a good inventory on hand to ensure every employee gets their uniforms prior to starting their first day. This shows good leadership organization and sets the tone for unity and a work environment where the employees really are part of a team. This sounds like a simple concept but unfortunatley there are often a couple employees who do not have their uniforms for the first week or two (or more) of employement.
So before your employees start coming back, make sure to get your uniforms ordered now to ensure you have what you need on hand for every employee.
Whether it’s jackets, sweatshirts, pullovers, hats, polo shirts or t-shirts with your logo, St. Andrews Golf Products is the go to source for GMS and our uniform needs. They have many premium name brands and excellent value priced quality brands that fit all your needs for golf course uniforms and apparel.
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